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The Frequen-ZZZ sleep system uses a proprietary non body contact scheme whereby inaudible sleep targeting frequencies get played into a Frequen-ZZZ sleep pad throughout the night.

Proper and standard use of this sleep system is detailed in the supplied Operating Instructions. This easy-to-use sleep system comprises of a Frequen-ZZZ device that sits on a bedside table which is connected to a Frequen-ZZZ sleep pad that is positioned on the user’s mattress. The controller is switched on at bed time and turned off upon awakening.

For some people the Frequen-ZZZ sleep system will work straight away. For others, they may not feel the true benefits until they have completed the sleep adjustment phase (first 30 nights). However, most of our customers see the benefits within 2 to 3 weeks. Once you have used the system for a few months you should be enjoying smoother, deeper sleep.

Yes, Frequen-ZZZ complies to IEC60601-1 requirements for basic safety and performance.

Improper use of this sleep system and not following the guidance as detailed in the operating instructions can lead to negative side effects. Always refer to supplied operating Instructions. Reported negative side effects have been limited to headaches for short periods of time, restlessness and slight perspiration.

Always check with your doctor before using our products if you have any predisposition resulting from frequencies applied to your body. Also, please check first with your doctor if you are fitted with any medical implantable device. For best results, you should avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine before using the Frequen-ZZZ sleep system.

No, Frequen-ZZZ is not a CPAP device.

Frequen-ZZZ is not a controlled medical device. We make no medical claims.

No, always check first with your doctor before using this product.

We have plans for UK clinical studies. More information will appear soon on this website.

Yes, we offer 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Yes, it is safe to use the Frequen-ZZZ sleep pad in conjunction with an electric blanket.

The frequencies that we use are all in the audible frequency spectrum.

No, you cannot hear the output of the Frequen-ZZZ sleep system, but you may feel a slight tingling in your hands and feet during the sleep adjustment phase (first 30 nights).

Yes, please follow the care instructions that come with the Frequen-ZZZ sleep pad.

There is 12 months warranty available please refer to the Terms and Conditions that are on the website. We recognise that accidents happen so if any part of the system needs replacing then please contact us for further information.

No, dreaming is not affected by the Frequen-ZZZ sleep system.

The Frequen-ZZZ sleep system works best if the body is hydrated. Excessive alcohol dehydrates your body. During the sleep adjustment phase (first 30 nights), it is recommended that you limit your daily alcohol intake to a maximum of 3 units. It is also recommended that you drink at least half a glass of water within 60 minutes prior to using the sleep system.

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